Bridging the in vitro to in vivo gap

SCIREQ’s recent Hosted Session at the Society of Toxicology titled “Bridging the Gap Across Models: in vivo and in vitro Inhalation Toxicity Assessments provided valuable insights into the integration of various models for toxicity assessment. The session emphasized the crucial role of in vitro, ex vivo  and in vivo studies in understanding inhalation toxicity and highlighted the efficacy of SCIREQ’s innovative platforms, including the inExpose and expoCube systems, in facilitating reproducible research across these models.

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Dr. Loren Wold

Dr. Wold’s lab studies the effects of Alzheimer’s disease on cardiac function, the effects of e-cigarette usage on the cardiovascular system, and the cardiac effects of dust from the collapsed World Trade Center on first responders in a preclinical model. Learn more about his research and get his thoughts on the current state and future of inhalation toxicology research in this interview.

Dr. Jessica Oakes &
Dr. Chiara Bellini

Dr. Oakes and Dr. Bellini research focuses on the pulmonary and cardiovascular consequences of inhaled cannabis. This group is at the forefront of preclinical respiratory research for cannabis. We were lucky enough to sit down with them and get their thoughts on the current state and future of cannabis-related cardiopulmonary research.

Pre-Clinical Models Of Smoke Exposure

In this on demand panel discussion, experts at the forefront of inhalation toxicology research delve into the topic of Pre-Clinical Models of Smoke Exposure. Drs. Alex Carll, Laura Crotty Alexander, Carolyn Baglole, and Alexandra Noël will provide deeper analysis of pre-clinical smoke modelling and the cardiopulmonary outcomes. 

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