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Our customers say it best…

“My research program uses the flexiVent to characterize the effects of ventilator induced lung injury and acute respiratory distress syndrome on lung mechanics. I was invited to present my techniques and findings at the 2013 User Group Meeting. This was a great chance for me to present my work outside the community of researchers who I typically encounter at conferences. Discussions at lunch and after my talk lead to an ongoing collaboration which wouldn’t have happened otherwise.”

Dr. Bradford Smith; Vermont Lung Center
University of Vermont

“In the lab, during the installation of the flexiVent, I was blown away by a number of things I noticed about SCIREQ’s team. By far, they proved to be one of the most poised, knowledgeable, and professional teams I’ve ever dealt with. I learned a great deal that will aid our research program tremendously as we move forward into future projects.”

Dr. Paul M. Brown; Pediatric Research Center
Cleveland Clinic Children’s

“What a great introduction/refresher to the flexiVent covering topics like respiratory mechanics, case studies, and troubleshooting.  This [flexiVent User Group Meeting in San Diego] was also an excellent opportunity to speak with others currently using the equipment to compare notes about common experimental issues and how they might have solved them, or to get advice on a new technique (like intubation). I highly recommend this if you are using the flexiVent in your lab. “

Ms. Leslie Morgan; Anschutz Medical Campus
University of Colorado