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State of Cannabis Research

State of cannabis research Since the recent legalization of recreational cannabis, there is an increased interest in research into both the pulmonary effects of inhaled cannabis, as well as improving our understanding of the endocannabinoid

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Visualizing Lung Physiology in Response to Chemical and Mechanical Assaults

Acute lung injury (ALI) arises from factors as diverse as endotoxin exposure, chemical assault, acute particulate exposures or mechanical impacts, as seen in ventilator induced lung injury (VILI). ALI and VILI studies push the understanding of both fundamental breathing mechanics and general lung physiology to describe how damage occurs in the hopes of mitigating of damage.

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Longitudinal Studies with SCIREQ Systems

Longitudinal studies offer a wealth of information, particularly for diseases progression or development studies. In addition, smaller sample sizes are possible to accumulate significant data, as subject assessment is possible at multiple time points.

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Animal Models for Pulmonary Diseases

Animal models are crucial in advancing our knowledge and understanding of pulmonary diseases. Using alternatives models, such as computer simulations, is simply not advanced enough to elucidate all the biological mechanisms inside a living creature.

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Preclinical Neonate Research

Preclinical Neonate Research Preclinical Pediatrics and Neonate Research Pediatrics and neonatology involves learning more about development and growth through the first stages of life. Early lung

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