Services & Support

Our dedicated customer support team strives to offer unparalleled service and response times to all of our customers. SCIREQ can assist you from the beginning, with help in writing grant applications, all the way to advanced technical queries, that allow you to publish superior experimental findings. In addition, customers outside of North America benefit from direct local service from our network of qualified distribution and service partners.



Applying for grants is time-consuming and often requires detailed laboratory equipment information from suppliers. SCIREQ will create customized quotations to fit your study and grant needs. In addition, we readily provide you with specifications on our products to assist you in finalizing the grant application or pushing the order through your purchasing department. We respond promptly to inquiries and work seamlessly across our team and distribution network.


After receiving your equipment, a qualified SCIREQ representative will visit you for on-site installation and training. A typical visit includes hardware and software installation and validation, presentation of the system, a thorough demonstration, followed with hands-on operation by the system users, including use of animals. Our training also includes a complimentary data review of the first experimentation session performed to validate the equipment and offer suggestions for optimization.

Depending on your system configuration, our web-based training packages may be a cost-effective alternative to on-site visits. These are typically offered in 2 hour blocks to cover smaller topics over video conference with our in-house equipment. Installation of some equipment can be accomplished by users following our detailed documentation.

Advance topics and training of new personnel are service options as well. Please inquire with SCIREQ Customer Service for more details.


Our highly-trained technical support team makes every effort to provide accurate, qualified responses to your questions as rapidly as possible. We respond via phone, video conference and/or email to inquiries related to hardware, software, data analysis, trouble-shooting and more, often with the SCIREQ representative working directly with our in-house equipment. Many of the commonly encountered queries are answered in our documentation (User Manuals, TechNotes, Instruction Cards, etc) which we will readily provide to you.

SCIREQ also provides advanced scientific support for data collection with our instruments. This includes review of the data quality to ensure any external experimental influences are not impacting the data, including environmental effects, anaesthesia or integration methods. In addition, our technical support team can offer suggestions for protocols, data interpretation and supporting references within the literature.

100% of SCIREQ Customers are satisfied with the overall quality of service


All native SCIREQ hardware products are covered by an inherent one-year warranty and some heavily used components may require routine annual maintenance with SCIREQ’s highly skilled technicians or yearly replacement.

We also provide subscription packages and extended warranty coverage which offers peace of mind to ensure your research will not be interrupted and your precision equipment will continues to operate at its optimal performance.

For more information on which care package might best suit your needs and budget, please contact our sales team.


Have questions about your collected data? Want a second opinion on the direction of your respiratory research? SCIREQ offers consulting services whereby you can schedule a private web conference or have your data reviewed by our in-house senior scientist and product specialists. Contact our sales team for our range of services and pricing.