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Techniques & Measurements

Isometric Contraction

In ex vivo experiments, tissue strips and vessels are studied after isolation from their normal environment. In order to simulate this environment, physiological saline solution is used and experiments are conducted at 37 °C.

emkaBATH is used under isometric conditions (i.e. the length of the muscle is kept constant while the force changes), to analyse force-time, length-time, force-length and velocity-force diagrams.

The lower holder remains stationary during experiments. The upper holder is connected to the isometric trans­ducer which is attached to the vernier positioner. A swivel between the upper holder and the transducer allows for rotatory movement. Hooks are permanently mounted on the upper and on the lower tissue holders.

An optional isotonic transducer is available on request. In this setup, the force is kept constant while the muscle is allowed to shorten.

  • Beat to beat calculation on fast beating tissues (papillary/atrial muscles)
  • Detailed calculation on slow contracting (vessel rings, bronchi, ileum) and slow rhythmic (uterus, bladder) tissues
  • Relaxation/contraction curves
  • Dose/response
  • Kinetic