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SOT 2022

SCIREQ recently attended this year’s Society of Toxicology (SOT 2022) Annual Meeting and ToxExpo! After 2 years of being remote it was great to meet with friendly and new faces.  The return to in-person conferences saw a lot of activity at the poster presentations, with a variety of topics from Air pollution toxicology to Tobacco and ENDS toxicology. A common topic was in vitro exposure with air pollutants or wood fire smoke exposure. In addition to the posters, here are some of the highlights from this year’s SCIREQ booth!

In Vitro exposure

This year in vitro exposure was a big theme. While animal models are excellent models for many studies, researchers have chosen to shift towards an in vitro approach. This year at SOT SCIREQ took the opportunity to introduce the ExpoCube. The ExpoCube is a novel ALI (air liquid interface) precision culture exposure system. The system is designed to be run with the inExpose allowing for a variety of exposures. We are excited for the ExpoCube’s release later in 2022.

Model creation

Another common topic at SOT was our new VAAD (Ventilator assisted aerosol delivery) system for the flexiVent. VAAD was design to increase the aerosol delivery and deposition within the lungs during model creation with an intubated subject, and expand the capabilities of the existing and new flexiVent’s. This method is a hybrid of nose-only inhalation and intratracheal instillation and optimized with a computer-controlled ventilation profile in order to get the compound deep in the lungs.

Figure 1– deposition of compound via intratracheal administration (the current standard) vs. Ventilator-assisted aerosol delivery.

Overall, it was great to be able to see everyone in person this year and we hope to see you all there next year at SOT 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee.  

Empowering researchers

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