Lung Cancer

Lung cancer continues to be the leading cause of cancer-related deaths worldwide. Early detection and accurate diagnosis of lung lesions are critical to reduce mortality. There remains a need for a collaborative effort in the  underlying mechanisms of lung cancer and the discovery of advanced therapeutic approaches. SCIREQ is proud to be a part of the efforts by offering state-of-the art equipment for preclinical studies.

Cancer model generation and advancing therapeutic approaches are important components of preclinical cancer studies. SCIREQ offers both the tools for cancer model generation and to allow the investigation of advancements in surgery as a therapeutic approach in small subjects.

Additionally, localized inhalation drug delivery has generated interest among scientists as a strategy to achieve better activity of therapeutic drugs for the treatment of lung cancer because of site-specificity, low doses, and recipients’ compliance.

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Advanced lung function measurements

At the preclinical level, when studying tumour progression and phenotypical changes in small subjects, it is important to perform non-terminal surgeries for continued research. The flexiVent is a programmable mechanical ventilator that has become invaluable in many cancer studies involving small subjects. The flexiVent uses the forced oscillation technique (FOT) to probe the mechanical properties of the lungs in anesthetized subjects in detail and in a reproducible manner. The flexiVent has proven to be a gold standard for mechanical ventilation for tracking cancer progression using micro-CT imaging. The programmable aspect of the flexiVent allows advanced gating techniques by enabling image capture during breath-hold, increasing image contrast and resolution.

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Reproducible exposure, precise delivery

The inExpose is a compact and customizable inhalation exposure system. The inExpose has been specifically designed for consistent and precise targeted aerosol delivery by controlling air flow rates and aerosol generation devices. Automated exposure profiles reduce user error and minimize outcome variability. The inExpose ensures that subjects receive repeatable yet consistent exposures throughout experimentation which is useful in cancer model generation and studying anticancer activities of aerosolized therapeutics. When considering inhalation as the route for drug delivery, the inExpose standardizes experimental conditions providing reproducible and relevant animal models. Additionally, the inExpose provides control over experimental conditions beyond typical inhalant parameters, offering a unique testing environment for therapeutics.

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Conscious ventillatory measurements

Respiratory function can be assessed in conscious subjects using various plethysmography techniques. Whole body plethysmography permits a continuous and non-invasive assessment of breathing patterns in conscious subjects. Measurements of respiratory rate, estimated tidal volume, and minute ventilation provide valuable insights into the subject breathing drive and behaviour. Cancer studies using plethysmography techniques evaluate the effects of various gene deletions on respiratory function in knockout vs control populations. Whole body plethysmography is also used to assess animal responsiveness to challenge.

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