countermeasures effects on respiratory system


Countermeasures is a field of study that integrates cutting-edge research with the latest technological advances in science and medicine for a more rapid and effective response during chemical emergencies. When studying chemical threats, it is important to understand the effect of the agent itself but also the potential effects of any therapeutic countermeasure. The respiratory system, in particular, is often affected due to the inhaled nature of these threats.

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Advanced lung function measurements

The flexiVent has been used in a wide range of applications focused on vesicant induced lung injury (chlorine, sarin, mustard, etc.). Its unique ability to measure central vs. peripheral airways, combined with delivered dose estimators and automated dose-response feature permit unique and novel insights into inflammatory responses and evolution of lung injury throughout the progression of an exposure.

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Conscious, spontaneous breathing

Whole body plethysmography permits a continuous and non-invasive assessment of breathing patterns in conscious subjects. Measurements of respiratory rate, estimated tidal volume, and minute ventilation provide valuable insights into the subject’s conscious response to a vesicant induced lung injury.

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Automated, reproducible exposure

The inExpose is a compact and customizable inhalation exposure system, which provides a reproducible way of exposing animals to a test atmosphere, creating relevant and practical animal models. It is specifically designed for targeted aerosol delivery by controlling air flow rates and aerosol generation devices. The inExpose’s ability to minimize the ingestion with the nose-only tower, or minimize stress using the whole body chamber, provides control over the experimental conditions beyond the typical inhalant parameters and offers a unique testing environment for therapeutics.

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