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2024 TSANZSRS - Gold Coast

Our team is available for meetings during the conference from Friday March 22nd to Tuesday the 26th

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Mark Lawrence
Senior Application Specialist

New Research Platform for Precision Cut Lung Slices

Precision-Cut Lung Slices (PCLS) help researchers understand pathophysiological mechanisms associated with various respiratory diseases. The physioLens is a scientific platform that provides accurate physiological and image-based outcomes in a reproducible fashion. It includes an automated microscope and fluid handling system.

The physioLens features:

  • Automation: The physioLens is capable of capturing images anywhere on slices in a 6 well plate and apply doses without user intervention. Images are analyzed in real-time to provide bronchoconstriction data. 
  • Dosing: Agonists are provided to the slice without user intervention by a dosing nozzle, that can provide a 95% media exchange in less than 20 seconds. In addition, eight dosing bottles are provided to complete a detailed dose response automatically.
  • Image analysis: Images of airways are automatically processed to capture the lumen contours and then calculate bronchoconstriction. 
  • Slice Scanning: Navigating a slice is not necessary with our airway configuration wizard complete with full slice mapping. Fine tune the positions of interest with our click-and-drag XY navigation.

In Vivo and In Vitro Smoke Exposure

We are proud to introduce our new expoCube, adding robust in vitro exposure to the automated inExpose system.

The expoCube provides a novel ALI (air liquid interface) culture exposure system, integrating with the inExpose’s existing exposure generators such as the integrated cigarette smoking robot and industry leading e-cigarette extensions.

The expoCube features:

  • Reproducibility: Efficient, uniform, and precise exposure of particulates onto target cells and tissues.
  • Precision: Optimized flow paths using advanced computational fluid dynamics (CFD) modelling.
  • Deposition: Patented thermophoresis, increasing the deposition efficiency of small particles without imparting unnatural electrostatic charges onto the aerosols.