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The Tissue Bath solution is moduleareasy to use and reproducible.


Our setups offer up to four independent baths ranging from 5 to 20 mL, and a wide range of hook shapes (i.e. open and closed triangle, C and L-shaped to accommodate a large variety of isolated tissues strips and (micro)vessels.

Microvessels : veins, small arteries, lymph vessels or tracheal smooth muscle, with lumen diameter from 100µm to 3mm and segment lengths up to 3.5mm, and

Tissue strips or vessels (int. diameter 500µm to 10 mm, and length up to 40 mm) such as:

  • smooth muscle (aortic rings, ileum, uterine tissue, trachea, mesenteric artery, colon)
  • cardiac muscle (atrium, ventricle, papillary muscle)
  • skeletal muscle (diaphragm)
Did you know?

Up to four emkaBATH setups, i.e 16 baths, can be monitored from a single computer equipped with IOX2 acquisition software.

Ease of use

Designed to facilitate the experiment, baths and the heater block can be easily removed for cleaning.

Integrated and compact, it fits on lab bench and no separate water heater is needed.

The bath overflow prevents risk of tissue drying out by preventing air exposure between serial washes.

Solutions are heated to a target temperature prior to entering the bath, where it is maintained via electronic control. In-line electric heating keeps physiological liquid warm outside of experimental use to allow for quicker temperature acclimation at start of study.

Easily control system manually via mainframe or automatically via IOX2 software with protocols for tissue tensioning, bath filling/emptying/washing, etc.

flexiVent benefits


The measurement of isolated tissue contractility following drug administration is widely used in preclinical research. Studying the intrinsic ability of tissue to contact or relax in an isolated tissue bath where external influences are removed can offer complimentary data to in vivo measurements.

Ex vivo tissue bath systems give researchers the ability to control perfusate composition and oxygenation to create various conditions (i.e. anoxia, hypoxia, hypo/hypertensive) without normal homeostatic functions interfering (i.e. neurogenic and hormonal influences) while also controlling environmental aspects such as temperature, etc.

Obtained measurements are highly reproducible and easy to analyze. The use of 4 baths simultaneously provides cleaner data analysis allowing for easier statistical significance to be detected.

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