The inExpose inhalation bench top system will be configured to suit your specific research needs. Detailed specifications of the different inExpose modules are provided below. For a customized quotation tailored for your application, please contact SCIREQ customer service.

NOTE: Depending on the configuration, each platform can be placed side-by-side or stacked on top of each other.
All components must fit under a fume hood to permit proper air filtering.

Computer System Requirements

Computer System Component Recommended Minimum
Processor 2.67 GHz quad core 2.67 GHz dual core
Memory 8.0 GB 3.0 GB
Hard Drive 1 TB 750 GB
Operating System 64 bit Windows 7 Professional 32 bit Windows Vista Professional
Monitor Resolution 1280×1024 1280×1024
Video Card 256 MB of video RAM 256 MB of video RAM
Networking 1 Ethernet card
(2 to connect to LAN)
1 Ethernet card
(2 to connect to LAN)

Exposure Platforms

Internal volume Subjects Restraints Wetted components


  • < 200mL (mice)
  • < 400mL (rats)
  • Mice (up to 12)
  • Rats (up to 4)
  • SoftRestraintsTM made from nylon coated stainless steel wires, suitable for rodents from 15-30g
  • Clear acrylic restraints available for rodents from 100g-700g
  • Delrin
  • Acrylic
  • Anodized aluminumStainless steel available upon request


  • 5L (cells, tissue, mice)
  • 10L (rats)
  • Cells or tissues
  • Mice (12 to 24)
  • Rats (3 to 6)
Seperators available
  • Clear acrylic
  • Anodized aluminum

Cleaning recommendation: 30% isopropyl alcohol, followed by distilled water wipe down. Refer to SCIREQ TechNote 030 – A Guide to Cleaning and De-Contaminating the inExpose for details.