Basic System

The inExpose is a modular, compact inhalation exposure system with precise computer controlled functionality  managed by our flexiWare software.

The basic inExpose system includes the following:

Base unit: houses electronics for pumps, data acquisition and accessory control.

Pump(s): servo-controlled to deliver constant or time-varying flow profiles.

Exposure platform: both nose-only and whole body exposure options.

Software: manages inExpose components, data acquisition, display and data archiving in real-time.

Exposure Platforms

IX Nose-only and WBC 5L


SCIREQ offers nose-only towers and whole body chambers which tightly integrate with inhalant generation devices, minimizing flow pathways and maximizing delivery efficiency. These compact exposure platforms are utilized for small rodent inhalation exposure, and some can also be adapted for short in-vitro exposure protocols.


The nose-only towers are constructed with individual air-flow pathways to ensure uniform inhalant distribution, and prevent re-breathing of air among subjects. The small internal volume design enables a tower to reach target concentrations with minimum compound usage when compared to conventional larger towers. Each tower can support 12 mice or 4 rats and multiple towers can be run in parallel with a single base unit.

Complementing the nose-only tower are our unique, comparatively gentle SoftRestraintsTM for mice (or neonate rats), which are constructed from flexible, coated wires that conform to a mouse’s body shape, thereby avoiding thoracic restriction and body overheating. When exposing other species, standard rigid restraints are available in a variety of sizes.


The whole body chambers contain small internal volumes and 8 symmetric exposure ports, allowing for even distribution throughout the chamber. Due to the unrestrained nature of this exposure, experiments may continue for longer periods and are generally regarded to be less stressful for subjects.

Each chamber can house approximately 12-24 freely moving mice or 3-6 rats. Separators are available for both mice and rats to isolate subjects and eliminate the possibility of subjects huddling together, which may impede effective inhalation.


Turn-key inExpose smoke setups are available to produce cigarette smoke extract solutions or perform in-vitro cell culture exposure for smoke and aerosol applications.

In-vitro exposure protocols typically call for constant flows with steady-state concentrations. Given the small internal volumes of the exposure hardware and complete control of the flexiWare software, the inExpose is ideally positioned to deliver particulates to cells.

Aerosol Generation


The inExpose integrates with Aeroneb ultrasonic nebulizers to provide a turn-key aerosol generation solution. The nebulizer is directly attached onto the intake ports of the exposure platforms to efficiently utilize precious compounds by minimizing losses in conduits and reaching desired concentrations quickly.


Beyond aerosol generation from aqueous solutions, the Aeroneb nebulizer successfully nebulizes ovalbumin mixtures, nanoparticle suspensions, polysaccharide suspensions, protein solutions, and DNA fragments without denaturation. Through the powerful flexiWare software, the inExpose permits precise control of nebulization rates, whereas the servo-controlled pumps regulate flows in the exposure platforms.

SCIREQ offers two standard models of Aeroneb nebulizers that are suitable for most research needs. For specific applications such as fungi suspension nebulization, SCIREQ offers a customized Aeroneb nebulizer of ~11 VMD.

Smoke & Vape Generation


The inExpose can be configured to generate cigarette smoke, e-cigarette smoke, vaping, hookah smoke, etc. to fit a wide range of applications and budgets. Our devices are designed to produce both ISO standard and customized puff profiles, defined by the researcher. Moreover, the inExpose can be configured to deliver side-stream smoke, main-stream smoke or a mixture of both.


The single cigarette chamber features a single cigarette holder to allow for manual loading, lighting and removal of cigarettes. This setup is ideal for experiments with short exposure protocols and low smoke concentrations.

The single cigarette chamber also allows for vape exposure through a customized adapter that accommodates puff-activated e-cigarettes with a mouth piece diameter from 6.5mm to 10.5 mm.


The computer-controlled integrated cigarette smoking robot allows 1 to 11 cigarettes to be smoked in any possible parallel or sequential combination, permitting the instrument to run for up to four hours without user intervention. It also features automatic cigarette lighting, smoking, ejection in user-programmable sequences and is fully field-serviceable.


The e-cigarette extension is designed for the push button 3rd generation “MOD” e-cigarettes. This extension allows for longer exposures due to a larger tank, offers automated activation, custom puff profiles, and temperature control of the vapour produced.

Download PDF “Electronic Cigarettes – Factors Affecting Particle Deposition”electronic cigarette download
Download “Considerations When Using Research Cigarettes in Preclinical Studies”

Atmospheric Monitoring


Comprehensive monitoring and recording of the exposure atmosphere, such as qualitative particulate measurements by infra-red opacity, quasi-quantitative particulate concentrations and gravimetric measurements are available and easily integrated as part of the inExpose solution. While gravimetric measurements are collected at the end of the experimentation session, particulate concentrations are displayed in the flexiWare software in real-time and may be recorded continuously or at the researcher’s discretion.



Exhaust management and operator safety is important with all inExpose configurations. We recommend performing all experiments within a fume hood with exhaust directed to the vents. More advanced evacuation solutions, such as particulate filters, active charcoal filters, aqueous or buffered scrubber solutions can be easily integrated to the exhaust ports of the inExpose.

Specifically for smoking applications, adequate exhaust is necessary to maintain cigarette lighting efficiency and consistent puffing. SCIREQ offers an adjustable exhaust flow system to ensure that no smoke accumulates in the cigarette smoking robot (CSR) and that the cigarettes are properly aspirated.



SCIREQ will provide suitable accessories based on the purchase of your inExpose system configuration. Some items are considered disposable and will need to be replaced over time or after heavy use. Common replacement items include: tubing kits, pump valves and fittings, as well as filters. Rotameters, computers, cables, power supplies and other small tools may also be acquired as needed.