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A flexiVent system consists of a base unit and a module, and may require additional extensions and accessories. Detailed specifications of the flexiVent’s capabilities are provided in the tables below. For a customized quotation that meets your research needs, please contact SCIREQ Customer Service.

flexiVent respiratory mechanics lung function

Module & Extension Specifications

  1. Intake and Exhaust ports use Colder PMC/PLC connectors. FX Modules are shipped with mating fittings for easy connection to standard tubing sizes.
  2. Minimum and maximum weight ranges are subject to change with further development and are listed for healthy subjects.
  3. Estimated using 50 mL/kg ratio.

Ventilation Characteristics

  1. The I:E ratio in the software is expressed as a percentage of the exhalation time that the inhalation time lasts, e.g. the default 2:3 I:E ratio is expressed as 67%, a 1:1 ratio is expressed as 100%.
  2. The lower limit for computer-controlled PEEP is on the order of 0.25-0.5 cmH2O and may vary slightly from one configuration to the next. The minimum of 0 cmH2O reflected in the table is achievable if the option for PEEP control is set to ‘External’ in the ventilation pattern definition dialogue.
  3. Linearity of the transducers is only guaranteed up to ± 76.2 cmH2O
  4. Software controlled ventilation modes are predefined by user.

Measurements With Extensions & Configurations

Measurements with extensions and configurations

Port & Channel Specifications

Computer System Requirements