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Considerations for Pre-Clinical Smoke Exposure Studies


Learn more about variables to consider for smoke exposure studies

In our recent panel discussion event, we explored the considerations for performing inhalation exposure studies with cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and cannabis. Our panelists were Dr. Carolyn Baglole from McGill University, Dr. Alex Carll from the University of Louisville, Dr. Laura Crotty Alexander from UC San Diego, and Dr. Alexandra Noel from Louisiana State University; each presented a short overview of their work before participating in the discussion and sharing their expertise.

This document summarizes some of the key points that were explored listed below, along with references to emka&SCIREQ documents, that may be useful resources when planning your own studies.

  • Nose-only vs whole-body
  • Chronic vs acute exposures
  • Smoke particulate specifications for cigarettes, e-cigarettes and cannabis
  • Duration of exposure
  • Nicotine and cotinine
  • What to measure: subject assessments and exposure measurements