Over the last several years, we have refined the inExpose system to allow researchers to easily expose small groups of subjects to toxins and generate accurate animal models of lung diseases.  The inExpose solution is cost effectivereproducible and proven.


The inExpose integrates seamlessly with the Aeroneb ultrasonic nebulizer.


The inExpose will fit under a standard fume hood on any lab bench top. With its compact size and low cost, this solution enables new researchers and small laboratories to pursue their toxicology studies. Furthermore, with the system’s low internal volume, unintentional dilution of precious compounds is reduced. This also permits high concentrations to be reached quickly, ultimately saving time and money. Along with unintentional dilution, the inExpose can also capture aerosol rain-out to allow users re-use their costly compounds and offer minimal waste.


The inExpose’s cigarette smoking robot is fully programmable, permitting a variety of smoking patterns and sequences while meeting particular ISO standards (e.g. ISO 1991).


The inExpose is fully automated where computer and software control permit the researcher to accurately define and repeat their protocol. Pump profiles can be time-varying and allow for reproducible exposure profiles. With unparalleled precision and accurate delivery of the toxin or compound, the inExpose allows researchers to have a standardized animal model. With its size and reproducibility, fewer subjects may be needed per study group.


Several studies have utilized both SCIREQ’s inExpose and flexiVent systems for their respiratory research including North ML et al. Augmentation of arginase 1 expression by exposure to air pollution exacerbates the airways hyperresponsiveness in murine models of asthma. Respir Res. 2011 Feb 3;12:19.


Thorough testing of SCIREQ products occurs by our experienced in-house scientific team and in collaboration with well-established members of the research community. The inExpose is highly recommended by many top scientists and referenced in multiple scientific publications.