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Systems for Toxicology studies.
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SCIREQ – an emka technologies company

Precision laboratory instruments at the forefront of respiratory research.
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Implants for mice

Collect biopotential, temperature and activity data continuously from freely moving, unrestrained mice for longer periods of time.
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Implants for rats

Collect multiple biopotentials, blood pressure, temperature, and activity data from freely moving, single or group-housed rats using easyTEL+.
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IOX2 software

Acquire, analyze, view, and store physiological data generated during an experiment with IOX2 software.
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ecgAUTO software

Use pattern recognition for interval analysis, arrhythmia detection, heart rate variability and blood pressure assessment from rodents to large animals. Shorten the time from experimentation to reporting with automation and batch. Neurological and respiratory add-on modules available for interdisciplinary studies.
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Implants for large animals

Collect data from freely moving large animals with easyTEL+ implants specifically designed for subcutaneous placement.
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Build your study and provide workflow guidance for your technical staff. Our system provides automated data collection, analysis, and reporting with minimal user interaction to ensure data integrity.
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GLP studies and SEND export

Save time in reporting for single dose toxicity, repeat-dose tox and Safety Pharmacology GLP studies, by using SEND export to generate SEND 3.1 compatible tables directly from our software with semi-automatic population of the domains.
Integrating SEND outcomes in IND-enabling studies


Mobile system for snapshot ECG recordings. Minimally invasive blood pressure from easyTEL+ implants is available on the same platform!
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Safety Pharmacology

How do you assess both neurological & cardiovascular endpoints in large animals while reducing the total number of animals used with a single system?
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