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ATS 2022 - Back in Person!

After 2 long years since the last in person American Thoracic Society (ATS) conference, SCIREQ was excited to return to the conference and meet with researchers to discuss the cutting-edge topics in preclinical respiratory function. This years ATS meeting took place in San Francisco, and our team was there to show off the new and exciting developments that you have come to expect from SCIREQ. With recent developments to both the flexiVent and inExpose systems, there was a lot to see.


Fibrosis was a common topic among several of the sections with the focus on understanding the model generation, progression and treatment options. The latest version of our ventilator-assisted aerosol delivery (VAAD) feature using the flexiVent was on display both at our booth and during a poster presented by Dr. Robichaud. Dr. Robichaud’s poster “Generation of a Mouse Bleomycin Model of Lung Fibrosis by Way of Ventilator-Assisted Aerosol Delivery” explored giving bleomycin using the VAAD to improve deposition and homogeneity of the model, compared to traditional methods.

The inExpose developments involved adding automated dry cannabis exposure using an oven system, and the ExpoCube for precise cell and tissue exposures. The dry cannabis exposure adds to the capabilities of our electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS) to incorporate automated puffing of an oven-based electronic dry cannabis vaporizer.


The SCIREQ booth also had our ExpoCube, a reproducible and efficient in vitro exposure system, which is scheduled to be released later in 2022. The ExpoCube is engineered to create an efficient, uniform, and precise exposure of particulates onto target cells and tissues. The ExpoCube’s design allows for a uniform deposition of airborne particles on the target cells, regardless of the particle size. The ExpoCube’s patented use of thermophoresis increases the deposition efficiency of small particles without imparting unnatural electrostatic charges onto the aerosols.

We also hosted our traditional breakfast event, with a panel discussion on the implications of modelling fibrosis in a preclinical model. Our panelists: Dr. Le Saux, Dr. Redente and Dr. Robichaud did an excellent job summarizing the challenges the field faces and some best practices to create a reproducible and relevant model. The event was recorded and will be available for watch it here:

Developing Modelling Fibrotic Lung Diseases – SCIREQ

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