E-cigarette Vapour Deposition

E-cigarette vapour deposition E-cigarette vapour composition is influenced by a number of factors. Some of which relate to the device physically (battery charge, wattage/temperature control, puffing profile) and others to the e-liquid itself (proportion of propylene glycol and glycerol, amount of nicotine, pH of solution). Standardizing how we study these devices will be key to […]

Pulmonary Hypertension Animal Models

Pulmonary Hypertension Animal Models A lack of validated pulmonary hypertension animal models is the reason why there aren’t enough studies exploring the pathophysiology and therapies for Pulmonary Hypertension (PH).   What is pulmonary hypertension? Pulmonary hypertension (PH) is a condition where blood pressure is increased in the arteries of the lungs and is typically associated with […]

Reproducible e-Cigarettes Exposure Environments

Reproducible E-cigarettes Exposure Environments Studies addressing the potential risks associated with electronic cigarette (e-cig) usage are urgently needed, given their rising use and popularity, especially in youth.  Coordinated efforts are required to tackle the challenge of addressing key scientific questions, as there is a diversity of devices and e-liquid formulations that exists, as well as […]

Alpha-1 Antitrypsin (AAT) Deficiency

Alpha-1 Antitrypsin (AAT) Deficiency Alpha-1 antitrypsin (AAT) deficiency is an inherited disorder, most prevalent in populations of European ancestry, and is underdiagnosed. It results from mutations in the SERPINA1 gene, leading to either a reduced level or function of the AAT protein. AAT deficiency results a variety of health issues, particularly predisposition to the development of liver […]

Whole Body Plethysmograph – vivoFlow launches at EB 2019

Whole Body Plethysmograph – vivoFlow Launches at EB 2019 SCIREQ is preparing for the upcoming Experimental Biology Meeting that will take place in Orlando from April 6-9, 2019. At this meeting we launch our latest development: the vivoFlow – WBP (Whole Body Plethysmograph Chamber). The vivoFlow is fully compatible with our current system and has several design features which both […]

Circadian Rhythm Effects Lung Function

Circadian Rhythm Effects Lung Function Circadian rhythm changes can affect lung function, introducing susceptibility to infection and other adverse effects on health and disease. What does the circadian rhythm do? The circadian rhythm regulates many physiological parameters including lung function, immune responses, and cardiopulmonary function. The master circadian pacemaker is located in the anterior of […]

Inhalation Exposure Systems for Nicotine Delivery

Inhalation Exposure Systems for Nicotine Delivery Current use of inhalation exposure systems:  So far only a few studies use computerized inhalation exposure systems for nicotine delivery. Instead many preclinical researchers investigate the effects of nicotine through intraperitoneal injections or oral consumption. Since the effects on the central nervous system (CNS) can depend on the method of administration, […]

Obese Mice Study Proves to Use the Ideal Weight

Obese Mice Study Proves to Use the Ideal Weight When working with obese mice, what weight to use when performing flexiVent measurements? This question is quite an important one for two reasons. First, there is a substantial difference in weight between the obese subjects vs. the lean control group. For instance, obese mice can weigh […]

Oxygen Saturation (SPO2) Monitoring During Pulmonary Studies

Oxygen Saturation (SPO2) Monitoring During Pulmonary Studies Oxygen saturation is the fraction of oxygen-saturated hemoglobin relative to total hemoglobin (unsaturated + saturated) in the blood. A very precise and specific balance of oxygen in the blood is necessary to keep the body functioning properly. Monitoring these changes provides complimentary outcomes and a means to quantify […]