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SOT ToxExpo 2020

Unfortunately SOT 2020 has been cancelled due to COVID19. We would have loved to chat with you about our e-cigarette vapour exposure options, including Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems (ENDS) devices and our exciting announcement with the Fraunhofer ITEM!

There has been a dramatic increase in the use of ENDS devices recently, particularly with the younger generation. Furthermore, the need for in vivo e-cigarette inhalation research is growing with the emergence of e-cigarette or vaping product use-associated lung injury (EVALI). While the CDC identified Vitamin E as one of the culprits of EVALI, other diluents with potential toxic effects have not been found.

SCIREQ at SOT ToxExpo 2020


The inExpose can be configured to generate and deliver a variety of exposure types, including cigarette smoke, nebulized aerosols, dry powders and e-cigarette vapor to generate a wide range of exposures consistently within and between studies, as well as across laboratories. This JOVE publication by Noël et al., “Generation of Electronic Cigarette Aerosol by a Third-Generation Machine-Vaping Device: Application to Toxicological Studies”, provides a step-by-step guide to performing E-cigarette exposure studies with the inExpose.


expoCube SOT ToxExpo


We will also be introducing the ExpoCube®! We are pleased to announce our collaboration with the Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine (ITEM) for the development and commercialization of the ExpoCube platform. The expoCube will provide respiratory scientists with precision implementation for research based on Air Liquid Interface (ALI) models. Combining optimized computational fluid dynamics and thermophoresis, the ExpoCube offers uniform, reproducible, precision exposures with greatly increased particulate deposition efficiency.



Please contact us if you have any questions or would like to learn more about the ExpoCube!


Since we are unable to catch up in person, visit our interactive virtual booth to tour our latest pulmonary equipment!

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