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Do not miss the opportunity to learn key laboratory techniques used in respiratory research by attending the workshop on Phenotyping Mouse Models of Human Lung Disease hosted by the Jackson Laboratory. This workshop will take place from October 9-14, 2017 in beautiful Bar Harbor, Maine.
Participants completing this workshop will acquire a working knowledge of basic pulmonary biology and the pathophysiology/histopathology accompanying lung diseases. As in the past, SCIREQ’s Senior Scientist, Annette Robichaud will supervise some laboratory sessions on lung function measurements using state-of-the art techniques.

Hands-on laboratory sessions will cover: 

» Airway hyper-responsiveness (AHR) measurement using flexiVent
» Sampling techniques (lung lavage & bone marrow)
» Lung volume and pressure-volume (PV) curves
» Lung morphometry and stereology
» Pulmonary diffusing capacity
» Intubation and tracheostomy
» Lung histopathology

For additional information and to register, go to:

Space is limited. Early enrollment is advised.

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