Cigarette Smoke

Due to the high incidence of smoke-induced lung disease, pre-clinical cigarette smoke exposure is a very active area of research. We offer a variety of components and accessories to turn the inExpose into a fully computer-controlled cigarette smoke exposure environment.

Cigarette Smoking Robot

  • The most powerful cigarette smoking device for the inExpose is our computer-controlled rotary cigarette smoker. The robot has a carousel that can be preloaded with up to 24 cigarettes and features automatic lighting, end-detection and ejection.
  • The sequence in which cigarettes are smoked is freely programmable, allowing one to 24 cigarettes to be smoked in any possible parallel/sequential combination. This permits typical smoke concentrations to be maintained for up to four hours without user intervention when used with the inExpose's efficient low-volume exposure systems.

Single Cigarette Chamber

  • For applications requiring less smoke and shorter exposure times, we also offer a single cigarette smoking chamber. This setup is easily sufficient, for example, to expose a small number of cell culture chambers to cigarette smoke.
  • Both cigarette smoking devices are suitable for main stream or side stream smoke collection.

Cigarette Smoking Profiles

  • Cigarette smoking differs from the way most other toxins are generated because cigarettes are puffed rather than burned continuously. However, taking advantage of its fully computer controlled pumps the inExpose can produce virtually any desired puffing profile, including both published standards and custom profiles for special applications.
  • Our cigarette smoke exposure package includes the following: one or more cigarette smoking chambers that allow both primary and secondary smoke to be harvested; pinch valves; transducers to monitor the consistency of the smoking process; and a dilution chamber that can be finely adjusted to meet desired concentrations.
  • The Software includes experiment templates and pump profiles for various standardized cigarette puffing patterns. Additionally, puff profiles for unique, user-defined, time-variant delivery profiles can be designed.