Respiratory mechanics at the push of a button.

The flexiVent is widely regarded as the gold standard for in vivo lung function measurements. It goes beyond traditional resistance and compliance measurements, and captures crucial details about the mechanical properties of conducting airways, terminal airways and parenchyma. The flexiVent achieves the highest sensitivity and reproducibility by precisely controlling experimental conditions.

System Configuration & Extensions

  • FEV

    A link between preclinical and clinical outcomes.

    Now available in mice and rats, this extension offers the possibility to compliment traditional forced oscillation (FO) measurements with forced expired volumes and flows in a single set-up. Using Negative Pressure Forced Expirations (NPFE), it is possible to capture flow limitation information at various time points, including a subject's peak response.

  • Aeroneb

    Controlled Aerosol Challenges. Dose Response Graphs.

    The flexiVent can be integrated with the Aeroneb ultrasonic nebulizer to efficiently deliver bronchoreactive agents and drugs deep into the lungs. Tight integration between precise aerosol delivery and accurate, quantitative assessment of the corresponding response is one of the flexiVent's key benefits.

  • Imaging

    Detailed Images. Seamless Integration.

    The flexiVent is the ideal tool for obtaining better in-vivo thoracic images in less time. It has the ability to provide precise mechanical ventilation and execute a wide variety of programmable recruitment and breath hold manoeuvres.

  • Vital signs

    Heart Rate. Blood Pressure. Body Temperature.

    We offer a wide variety of transducers for vital signs monitoring, which all interact seamlessly and interchangeably across our products. Monitor your subjects using our heart rate, blood pressure and body temperature transducers.

  • Upper airways

    Accurate measurements of nasal obstruction.

    This approach provides a means to reliably and directly assess upper airway resistance in disease models. Similar to respiratory mechanics measurements of the lower airways, the flexiVent uses the forced oscillation technique to deliver a small amplitude test signal to the upper airways.

  • Accessories

    Easy-to-use. Cost-effective Integration.

    We provide a range of accessories that easily integrate with our systems and allow you to concentrate on your studies. These include cannulae, subject beds, tubing, filters, test loads and more.

flexiWare Software

Sophisticated. Customizable. User Friendly.

flexiWare is a data acquisition software combining a powerful, flexible data flow control engine with a clean, easy-to-use interface. This combination of efficiency and simplicity allows you to operate your SCIREQ hardware in an intuitive manner so that you can focus on your results, not on your equipment.



      Typical Subject Species
Module or Extension Approximate Subject Weight Range (g) Maximum Displaced Volume (mL) Neonate Mice
Mice Rats Guinea Pigs Ferrets Piglets
FX Module 1 3-30 1.53
FX Module 2 15-85 4.22  
FX Module 3 60-240 12.4    
FX Module 4 150-560 28.2    
FX Module 5 260-1000 51.7      
FX Module 6 500-2000 96.6        
FEV with FX Module 1 8-30 1.53  
FEV with FX Module 4 150-300 28.2    


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